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Can Type 2 Diabetes be Reversed Permanently

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Yes, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the right foods and exercise for the remainder of your life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the long term goal so you can regulate normal blood sugar levels.

Can Type 2 Diabetes be Reversed by Diet and Exercise?

One of the reasons diet and exercise can help reverse diabetes.

  1. A diabetic diet helps manage sugar consumption so your body can process it properly.

  2. Exercise helps with your heart and blood flow. Exercise helps burn excess sugars that your body can't process.

What Foods can Reverse Diabetes?

  1. My favorite green vegetables are kale, spinach, broccoli. They have many nutrients to reverse and maintain blood sugar levels.

  2. Non-starchy vegetables like garlic, peppers and eggplant to enhance the flavor of foods to make diabetic diets more enjoyable.

  3. Fruits, Nuts and beans is also a good source of protein.

How Long does it Take to Reverse Diabetes with Diet and Exercise?

I’ve heard of stories in less than a week for those diagnosed with prediabetes. In some cases  (type 1 diabetics) it will not be permanently reversed. The amount of time it takes to reverse diabetes really depends on your body. Your ability to completely change your diet and add exercise to your day can significantly speed up the process. It all starts with the commitment to better your lifestyle.

How can I Reverse Prediabetes Naturally?

  1. First thing to do is portion control. Eat half your meal and save the other half for later. This will immediately help curb your hunger and shrink your stomach so that you will get use to consuming less

  2. Second thing would be to replace water with any other drinks that have sugar content in them. This will immediately make it easier for your body to manage your insulin levels. If you need something sweet, a piece of fruit should satisfy your cravings.

  3. A lot of our problems start from our gut. Eat lots of food with fiber so that it will help clean out your digestive system. There are a lot of poisons in your body that’s preventing itself from healing.

What Foods Should Borderline Diabetics Avoid?

Bread, rice and pasta will be my first recommendation if you are prediabetic. This will immediately maintain your blood sugar levels. For some it hard to let go of your carb cravings so if you do decide to eat them, consume them in the morning or no later than lunch.