How I Reversed My Diabetes

Thank you for the time that you are spending with me today. My name is John. I am glad you found this and its an honor to share my testimony with you. If you are like me, then you have been struggling with your health and your weight the majority of your life.

I became overweight in my adolescent years, these years included relentless ridicule from my peers and from the skinnier people in my family. It's awful, how sometimes, a family can cut the deepest wounds.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."

My problem with eating has always been from consuming more than I should have. My problem with attempting to lose weight was trying to starve myself chasing a calorie goal. If you are like me, this is a torturous road to endure, and many of us have gone through this many many many times.

You Don't Have to Suffer To Lose Weight, You Can Actually Enjoy Being Healthy!

I’m sharing this with you today in the hopes of freeing another person, by helping them start in the right direction. This is just a little nudge. Sometimes, that’s all we really need.

I was convinced that being overweight ran in the family, that it was genetic. My closest family members have battled with their weight their entire lives. Cooking was a right of passage in our homes. The foods we ate were only prepared for one thing. Taste. So that meant not cutting corners on carbs, processed sugars, and unhealthy oils/butter.

The biggest objection my family had to change was they believed they would have to give up good eating to eat well. It was in my mid 20’s that I became clinically obese.

I stand at about 5’ 8, and the most I’ve weighed was 479 lbs. Luckily enough, I didn’t have any heart disease or life-threatening conditions. But I did become Type 2 diabetic. I also had varicose veins that developed in my legs. Sometimes, my legs would get numb or sore.

Keeping weight off has always been my biggest battle. I would work extremely hard to drop some weight, just to have something happen in life that pushed me back on the wrong path and the habits that came along with it.

Everything I Ever Tried Failed...I Needed A Miracle.

I did try a lap band surgery that managed to get me down to about 385 lbs at my lowest point. This was before doing what I am about to give to you today. The lap band didn’t really solve the cause of my issues. Only a part of them, some overeating, but not the big picture. The key to beating obesity is willing to take on the big picture, with resolve.

I know you can do it too. We just need some guidance and accountability. Someone alongside us who truly wants what’s best for us. Someone who looks us in the eye and can see that deep down we are good people, who just need help. It also helps when you are willing to let go of that genuine heart-wrenching insecurity that we all face, in the mirror every day.

I felt alone, most of my coworkers were normal body types. They all ate the same things I ate, some of them even ate more than me and even crappier. I didn’t understand how all my life I was fighting with food. I battled depression by eating, and I was depressed because of how I looked. It’s a sick and twisted cycle that is almost impossible to endure at times.

Why Couldn't I Just Be Normal? Why Me?

I hated having to take medication for high blood pressure, and how I had to keep a microscope on my blood sugar levels. My weight had imprisoned the real me in a deep cave locked behind a door. That's how it feels. If this is where you are today, I wrote this specifically for you.

So, now that you know a little bit about where I am coming from. Here’s what happened.

We all have had that image of ourselves, of what we can be, and what we want to be. The hardest part is embarking on that journey and not going back to what was comfortable. We all know what that is like when faced with troubles we seek what comforts us.

It’s not our fault! It’s a response system that was nurtured into each one of us. It takes a lot of courage to break it! And courage is fleeting, it comes and goes. In this battle with my own body, I needed to be courageous every day, and I couldn’t do it alone. I found a solution that made me believe in myself.

I Discovered I Was Fighting The Wrong Battle All This Time...

Sometimes the hardest part of my day was putting on my socks in the morning. My weight made every simple task that most people take for granted extremely difficult. If you are like me, you probably know what this is like. A daily struggle to get through your day so you can come home and struggle your way into bed.

It's a vicious cycle that far too many of us have endured. You don’t have to go through life like this anymore, there is a better way. This is not a life sentence for your lack of will or your genetics. Being free of obesity is about making the best choices daily, and knowing the truth about the science behind your body.

Here's a Fact,

Our bodies are not meant to eat most of the food that is in your cabinet. Your body is amazing. It's adapting to everything you put into it, and your environment. We, at the very heart of each one of us, have always had the opportunity to create the image we wanted.

The truth is, the foods we have been eating have been modified and processed to keep us unhealthy and overweight.

When I made a choice to change my life, and take on diabetes and obesity for good, I did it for my boys. I wanted them to be proud of me. Like I was proud of my father. I felt that my weight made it hard for them, I could imagine what it was like for them at school. I remembered what it was like for me. I no longer wanted that for them.

Most importantly, I wanted to prove to them and myself, that no matter what life is dealing, or what road you have endured, there is ALWAYS a way to a better path. All I had to do was find a way to believe in myself and be willing to tolerate the baby steps towards my new body. Below is a photo of me and my boys, all healthy and enjoying life.

I found help. Not a gimmick. Not a lose 20 pounds in 20 days, buy it today kind of weight loss program. Which, I spent thousands of dollars over the year and never worked.

I Found REAL Help and I Am Thankful Every Day For My New Life.

It took the end of my second marriage at age 42 and 390 lbs to dedicate my life to my health and the healthy man that was inside of me.

You see, I needed someone who cared about me more than myself, to help guide me along the way and back on the right path. A mentor. So that's what I found. This simple eating solution will free you, just as it did for me. I was willing to do anything for my boys, and my health. If you are eager to lose weight and have no other option, what I did will work for you.

I owe my new life to this incredible scientifically backed transformation. This is the spark that I needed to save my life. It was the key that unlocked me from the grips of obesity and into the light of a normal healthy life.

After 20 minutes with this program, I realized that I wasn’t fighting a battle of calories but with my metabolism. I was fighting a hormone battle. I had built such a crappy system in my body that it would fight me to keep weight on. What this is an tool that should be passed on to our children.

The right nutrition is the key to a better future for all. The secret to weight loss is through lowering your SET POINT. You need to learn about this to change for good.

I Jumped Right In And Never Looked Back. I Am Glad That I Did.

I used every bit of this program, from meal plans to coaching, and biological breakthroughs. I didn’t have to starve while I lost weight. I was always craving for more information on how to optimize my SET POINT.

What really stuck out to me was that our bodies aren’t robots, we don't work mathematically. Calorie counting is useless! This outdated system and the processed foods we eat create an unhealthy trap that enslave us to suffering and illness.

I was SO UNEDUCATED about what it really took to lose weight, and keep it off.

I was able to get down to a healthy average weight of 210 lbs. This did take some time, most things that are good do. But you don’t have to take very much longer to get started on your journey. You can begin today.

I dove right into this program and never looked back, and it paid off big time. They helped me lose weight and reverse my anxiety about my body. And as a bonus, my diabetes disappeared. You can do this too!

Its Not To Late To Change Your Life. You Will Be Happy When You Do.

If you are overweight or obese, this will work. You can begin to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes today and never have to be overweight again. I never achieved these results before, everything else I did FAILED. Understanding my SET POINT saved my life.

The time is now! This is the best place to begin.

You Can Begin Your New Life Here...Discover your SETPOINT now.

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